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Hold Me Poe Dameron

I haven’t seen SW:TFA yet but I have read so much (oh so very much) about it. But perhaps the most compelling thing I have read recently about SW:TFA was this little nugget of happiness over on The Mary Sue.

Artist Brilcrist is designing a two-sided Poe Dameron body pillow featuring her artwork of Poe in two of his stylin’ outfits from The Force Awakens. To take home one of Brilcrist’s Poe Pillows for yourself, contact her on her blog.


While I generally dislike movie theaters and crowds and crowded movie theaters. Even just movie theaters that are half-crowded, really. Would it be weird to take one of these body pillows with me to the theater to watch SW:TFA?

Who am I kidding? I’m just going to order one to cuddle with when I watch SW:TFA when it eventually comes out on demand.

In summation*, this is my new boyfriend Poe Dameron. Feel free to get lost in his eyes.


*I lied, check out Bilcrist’s artwork. It is really good!!!

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