Hot Toys are well known for their fabulously detailed figures, but these two new toys based on Rocket and Groot might just be some of their best work yet.

The two 1/6th scale figures seem to be the first two in Hot Toy's previously teased range of Guardians of the Galaxy figures. Due out the middle of next year, they'll be sold both individually or together as a 'collector's set' that comes with a few exclusive accessories.

At a mere 16cm tall, Rocket might be one of the smallest figures Hot Toys have done in their 1/6th line, but that doesn't make him any less of an impressive figure. Just look at the detail in his fur! Even if it is a wee little toy, you wouldn't want to meet this mean raccoon in a dark alley way.


Rocket also comes with a variety of hands to display, including a set to hold his delightfully oversized (well, for a raccoon) gun, as well as a gorgeously detailed replica of his orange jumpsuit to keep his dignity.


If you thought Rocket's fur detailing was impressive though, Groot is a whole other level though. He's more than twice the size of Rocket at 39cm tall, and the bark and mossy detailing all over his body looks phenomenal.

Like Rocket, Groot comes with a few accessories - specifically extra hands, including one 'glowy' hand so you can recreate that scene from the trailers where Groot releases some luminous spores for his fellow Guardians to ogle at.


And like I said up top, Hot Toys will also be offering the two figures as a pair, because... well, why wouldn't you want both to do things like this!?

The figures packaged together also come with a bonus exclusive: an alternate set of hands and an alternate head for Groot, so you having him roaring in anger to recreate that famous shot of the two intergalatic thugs going nuts in the Kyln.


Hot Toys haven't revealed any pricing for these two figures yet, but just like any other Hot Toys figure, expect to pay a pretty penny for these beauties.

You can see a lot more pictures of Rocket and Groot over at the Hot Toys Website.