Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Rather than spit out a hasty (but verbose) comment on the initial Kotaku post, I've instead just been poking around The Pratfall of Penny Arcade: A Timeline.


I mean, I admit, I was a bit miffed that at the time, I really couldn't have afforded to buy any Penny Arcade shirt, much less the Dickwolves one that I rather wanted, and that before I could change that situation, the product had been pulled. I was just going to say that the whole controversy confounded the Hell out of me from the perspective I got just reading the comic and the news posts. Now, seeing the timeline, seeing Mike kinda trolling in the comments of some of the more critical responses, reading some of the insane tweets and well-thought-out blog posts, and just seeing how this thing evolved, holy Hell there's a lot to digest. I would've thought seeing a timeline would've brought me closer to being able to make a definitive statement that "______ was right to feel _______ about the Dickwolves," but nope, exact opposite. I'm probably going to be at this way longer than I should be…

For now, a few of the things I found most interesting so far:

I'm probably less than halfway through, only reading one or two in each cluster of bullet points, so I don't know that I'm ready for any sort of discussion on the topic, but as a Penny Arcade fan, and an aspiring creator of stuff who will probably have to at some point deal with "the public", this is really interesting stuff…

Incidentally, screenshots of tweets that contain links suck.

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