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So, I'm just now getting around to playing Burial At Sea, the Bioshock Infinite DLC, and holy crap, that Episode 2 Intro. Spoilers for the first few minutes of Burial At Sea Episode 2 past the break (and likely stuff from the Bioshock series before that).

I was a little underwhelmed by the first half, but (mind you this sequence is ALL I've played of episode 2 so far), this is really good stuff. Like, right as I realized what was going on, the music really ramped up, and I started laughing really hard. And then the bird. The use of music, the visuals, this is what I liked about Bioshock Infinite, without feeling like a retread. And then when it switches, it switches hard, and the nods to Columbia and the first game? Terrific. 10/10, would play the intro again. I literally stopped immediately after this intro and went to bed, but oh man, I hope the rest of Burial At Sea Episode 2 can keep this up, 'cause daaaaang.


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