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Holy schnikeys! Weslaco made the Colbert Report!

So my hometown made the news and I was completely unaware of it til I saw a random "recommended" link on the side of the Odeck while reading someone's comment.

It came from a link to a piece over on Jezebel, which I investigated further after reading/watching and realized it is very much happening.


EDIT: So apparently the links I read were all wrong, someone posted a link to Salon below (a source I don't usually trust but that seems to have done its homework on this one) and the charity was going to try and get its hands on the resort for $3.8 million, which in turn would generate $50 million in economic revenue locally. Unfortunately, bad reporting on the part of numerous Conservative sources spun that into "OMGZ Obama wants to spend/steal $50 million to let sick, illegal drug dealing kids live in a resort cause FUCK YOU LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS WHO PAY THEIR TAXES". That in turn has caused the charity to actually withdraw their bid. Obligatory "thanks, Obama!" This is really disappointing, but kind of figures. Naturally this would happen. So now those kids are as screwed as they were before because of shitty reporting of the facts on places like Fox News. I stand by my and Chrono's life motto, "seriously, fuck people".

Naturally, as I read up on this a part of me became disgusted with people in general. I can't tell you how many comments I saw consisting of things basically saying "wtf is this? they get to live in a resort?!" I should add, for a time as a kid I basically lived at that hotel under its previous name. Long story, don't ask. The place has only gotten better since then and even then it was magnificent. On top of that are some incredibly moronic comments from people saying "Obama has stolen these funds from hardworking U.S. taxpayers to get these illegals to remain in country and vote for him". The stupid it burns. I guess the logic doesn't compute that since he's already done two terms he can't run again, but I mean in defense of those making such claims that is a pretty hard to comprehend fact and all. (I really hope I don't need to put the sarcasm tag at the end of that sentence.) Then you throw in the comments from Rick Perry that basically consist of "these aren't children fleeing from danger, these are children here at the behest of the drug cartels and rabble rabble rabble". Have I mentioned before that I hate Rick Perry? Cause I do. The man is an idiot the likes of which I've never seen before. And that's saying something.

I'd like to add something to this that's not me bitching about the idiots who have no idea about the situation these children and their families are running from, this is a good move period. These people are running for their lives and shipping them back only puts them in harm's way. If a charity is receiving federal funds to give them a place to stay, even if only temporarily, I can't take issue with that at all and neither should anyone else really.

The Guardian put up a piece on Perry's recent remarks as well.


That one kind of hits home because I mentioned last week or the week before to a few Odeckers that I accidentally walked into a meeting taking place in my office between some very major politicians (state and federal ones) and they were discussing this very issue and the drug one. I can't really comment on that though because it was clearly one of those things that I seem to always stumble into where I'm hearing things not meant for the public's ears. Also no, for the record Rick Perry was not in my office. I don't think I'd have been able to refrain from calling him an idiot were he to have been here.

But yeah, Weslaco made the Colbert Report! Woohoo! Also, right on about the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites! The owners of that place are an older couple and they are very nice (and extremely well off) people.


I for one think this is great news all around. As the grandchild and great grandchild of people who came over illegally (and have been legal U.S. citizens for a long time, you should've seen the joy my grandma expressed when she got her citizenship when I was a kid) looking to start a new life I can't just thumb my nose and hate on children who came here for the same reasons (and in this case more serious ones related to life and death). This is also the first of many apparently, as an additional $140 million in funds have already been earmarked for use by the same charity to do the same thing elsewhere (no other locations known of by me at this time though).

But to bring it all around, seriously fuck people. Hating on kids who are fleeing for their lives. Really? Really?!

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