What the hell, Agents of SHIELD. You were my weekly hunk of televisual cheddar, and then you go and pull of something like character development, darker undertones and superhero/spy thriller action? Not cool. Okay, it was totally cool. (Spoilers for Girl in the Flower Dress!)

So it wasn't perfect, but this episode really felt like it delivered on SHIELD's promise - dealing with the behind-the-scenes mess of a world with superpowered people - and I loved that. And even better than that, it actually topped it off with some interesting character stuff for the team, especially Skye and Agent Ward (who is this close to being promoted from my 'Agent Bored' nickname. Yay!), as well as slowly advancing the arc of the Extremis/Centipede business from the Pilot, and developing Skye's backstory in a surprising way that gives her some mystery and largely - and quite neatly - tying up the 'is she still on the Tide's side' stuff too. AoS is taking a very slow burn to get going, which is understandable for a first season, but if we're starting to get episodes like this 5 shows in, I'm very happy with it... even if it means sacrificing a little of my beloved cheese.

Also, as per my violence comments earlier this week after Eye-Spy, this week we get poor Agent Kwan getting a (kinda poorly CGI'd) burning hole in his torso, and the Mysterious Lady Doctor of Mysterious Evil Mystery, or MLDMEM for short, getting totally roasted right in front of us. Sure, both were bloodless, but MLDMEM's death in particular felt a little weird to be showing just before the watershed. I suppose it's no different than, say, the PG-13 Captain America movie having soldiers disintegrated by Hydra weaponry, but nonetheless, it feels like Agents of SHIELD is slowly starting to push its action a little more.


Still, the cuties continued to be cuties, so I am happy:


Oh, the eyebrow raise. Perfection!

Although I did proceed to make the terrible mistake of watching the promo for episode 6, and I am already planning to spend the next two weeks screaming 'WHY ARE THEY ALL CRYING PLEASE DON'T HURT SIMMONS NOOOOOOOOOO'.