Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I have a completely free Wednesday and because of some decorating, I have to be out the house for most of it. I want to go the cinema but there isn't much on.

The new Spongebob film got delayed here until the 27th of March (which off-topic, why does this keep happening with animated films, it's not a dubbing issue because it's getting released in the rest of Europe first), I've seen Big Hero 6, for some reason all showings of the Kingsman are audio description and I couldn't care less about Shaun the Sheep. Which leaves only one option.


I know basically nothing about 50 shades apart from there being someone named Christian Grey and some kinky stuff in it. I will give nearly anything a fair shot however I know that the film is supposed to be bad (though that hasn't stopped me before).

This is why I'm asking here, is there anything worth watching in the film for those who have seen it? Is it so bad it's good, an actor really good in it or hilariously bad? Or is it worth just for the experience and just to say I watched it?

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