Ah, leaked toys on eBay, fresh from the factories who made them. It's almost inevitable these days! Amazon gave us an early look at the Guardians publicity pictures, but now we have an even better close up look at the final toys out of packaging - including, for the first time, Groot!

The series - which features the movie versions of Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora and Rocket, as well as comic versions of Nova and the 'Godkiller' Iron Man armour, with parts of Groot included in each as a 'Build-a-figure' incentive to splash out on the whole wave - is due for release in the West next month. But for now, feast on a bevy of pictures for these six-inch Guardians!

(Up top: Rocket Raccoon, complete with giant space gun and... something else? I've got no idea what that thing is meant to be.)

First up there's Star-Lord, who comes with his dual pistols, the mysterious orb sighted in the trailer (and seemingly, all of the Lego sets), and an alternate, mask-less head and earphones:


The mask-less Peter Quill head really freaks me out. Not only is it a barely-passing likeness to Chris Pratt, it's also just... unnaturally round. Maybe it's just seeing it sitting there as a head rather than on the figure, but it just looks plain weird.

Next up are Gamora and Drax. Both come with their weapons for accessories - Gamora her sword, and Drax, his two daggers:


Here's another shot of Rocket, from the back this time, displaying the detailing on the back of his harness and what appears to be a partially articulated tail, which is neat. And pretty much a thing only described as a positive feature when talking about action figures!


Finally, two shots of Groot, who (rather annoyingly for consumers, but probably beneficial for Hasbro) is only available by buying every figure in the wave, as they each come with a different piece of him. Still, when put together he makes for a pretty awesome looking super-sized figure, full of lovely bark detailing:



The figures will retail for about $20 each, so you'll be looking at a lofty price tag of $120 or more if you want to get the Groot figure too. Sheesh!

For a few more pictures of the figures, as well as shots of the two non-movie figures of Nova and Iron Man, check out the link to The Fwoosh below.

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