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Okay, hope is a four letter word in general but you know what I mean. On the penultimate episode of this season of Krypton there is still some hope of stopping Brainiac. But of course the resistance disagrees on how to do it. Plus the Zod family drama intensifies and we see the Cape again.


The episode “Hope” starts with Kandor in disarray. The Voice of Brainiac has sucked the life out of the city’s leaders. What’s left of the Sagitari are spread too thin trying to keep order while Black Zero members walk openly in the lower city. And I’m sure Kryptonian dogs and cats are living together.


Lyta and General Zod decide to release Doomsday. It takes both El and Zod blood to open Doomsday’s chamber and Seg won’t help. But General Zod reveals that he has both El and Zod blood because his father is Seg. (Meaning General Zod is Jor-El’s half brother and therefore Superman’s (and Supergirl’s) uncle.) The General opens the chamber but Doomsday isn’t there. Seg anticipated Zod’s action and moved Doomsday. But moving Doomsday’s container damaged it and it is only a matter of time until Doomsday breaks free. The underground Vikings take Doomsday from Seg to leave in Kandor where it will be taken along with the city by Brainiac.

Jax-Ur, the former Science Guild member turned Black Zero leader, implants a torture device in Daron and interrogates him to find out more about a secret project Daron was working on. Daron manages to escape captivity and leave in a skimmer. But Jax-Ur’s torture device has a long range and she uses it on the fleeing Daron. He crashes the skimmer in the wilderness. Jax-Ur uses the information she gained from Daron to access the secret project - a vault full of clones of Kandor’s most elite Houses.

Jayna-Zod sided against General Zod over Doomsday. Their differences lead to a Kryptonian duel with no mercy for the loser. Jayna is about to win the fight when Lyta shoots her in the side. Lyta is fully Team General Zod now choosing her son over her mother. Jayna manages to get away but she is badly wounded. Fortunately for her, she is found be a mysterious man.


Seg, Nyssa, and Holo-Val figure out that the Voice is going to the generator powering Kandor’s protective dome. They cobble together a force of Sagitari and Black Zero to attack the Voice. The attack fails. The Voice gets the two factions to kill each other off leaving Seg alone. The Voice is about to kill Seg when Nyssa appears and drives the El crystal in the Voice’s head. The Voice breaks apart. But the Voice must have drained enough energy for the generator to fail and the dome comes down. The pieces of the Voice re-assemble in the form of Brainiac himself. 


So we’ll be going into next week’s finale with the villain ascendent and apparently unstoppable, the heroes on the run, and the Doomsday wild card ready to be played.

Assorted Thoughts:

  • Lyta may have had the advantage before in the love triangle but the tide is turning. Lyta went against Seg over Doomsday while Nyssa has been at his side throughout this episode.
  • If I had to guess the identity of Jayna’s rescuer based on the “Previously On” segment I think it’s her presumed dead brother since Krypton is as much about (if not more about) the Zods as Seg-El.
  • General Zod drops the cryptic bomb that Val-El didn’t die when everyone thought he did.
  • Kem has been sent off to Kryptonopolis so he won’t be in Kandor when (if?) it gets bottled.
  • Superman’s cape is mostly gone even though it looks like Kandor is going to get bottled leading to the destruction of Krypton. My take is that’s because Seg is still in Kandor instead of fleeing to safety. If he gets bottled with the city, baby Kal-El doesn’t get put on a rocket to Earth.

All images via screencap or the Syfy site.

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