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It’s time to continue our goal of deciding which horror movie villain is the greatest of all time. Only eight contenders remain to be decided upon. Will your favorites survive? Let’s find out together.

Well, that last round was certainly intense. As expected, the fight between Dracula and Count Orlok was a close one. A mere two votes decided that match-up. And a only a single vote gave The Thing the win over Samara. Very close fights.


Hannibal and the Phantom of the Opera continued their upsetting ways. The three remaining top seeds are still in the tourney. But Jason will no longer be tormenting campers, as he fell to Pinhead.

Only four choices this time. We have an alien battle with Xenomorphs taking on The Thing. We’ve also get to decide which undead reigns supreme between hoards of Zombies and the original vampire himself, Dracula. In the slasher regions we have Halloween giant, Michael Myers against that torturous demon, Pinhead. And finally, we get to decide whether Hannibal Lector or The Phantom ends their run.


You’ve got until noon tomorrow to get your votes in. Final Four will be on Wednesday.

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