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(Polls open)Horror Movie Villain Madness: The Final Four

We’ve reached the Final Four stage of our attempt to decide which horror movie villain is the villainous of them all. Just four villains remain to be decided upon. Which two will be the victims, and which two will continue on to the final round?

Well, we’re nearing the end. That last round was quite close for awhile for Michael Myers and Pinhead. But as Laurie Strode can attest, it’s nearly impossible to keep Michael down. And so Pinhead fell, but it was a tight contest.


The other match-ups were less close. The Thing proved to be no match for the Xenomorph. Dracula dominated the Zombies. And the Phantom was forced to scurry back to the opera catacombs by Hannibal.

Just two choices this time. For the slasher side it’s a choice between the character that practically defines the genre, with Michael Myers of Halloween fame, and the creepy serial killer with a penchant for the other white meat, Hannibal Lecter of Silence of the Lambs.

And on the other side we have the vampire that all other vampires are based on, Dracula of well... Dracula fame. And he’ll be facing off against an alien being that is terrifying at all stages of its life cycle, the Xenomorph of Alien(s).


It’s time to decide which of the villains will survive.


That’s it for this round. As always, you have until noon tomorrow. The FINAL ROUND will be on Friday.

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