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Horror Movie Villain Madness: The Final Round

Our task was to try to decide which horror movie villain was the greatest of them all. That time has come. We started out with sixty-four villainous villains, and after much bloodshed only two remain. Which one will be crowned, and which one will be the victim?

There were only two choices to make last round, and one of them proved especially tough for everyone. So much so that it ended in yet another tie. The usual summoning of Elder beings and sacrifices being sacrificed were done, and as a result, Dracula survived while the Xenomorph was ejected from the space station.


Less dramatic but far, far more surprising, trope definer Michael Myers was soundly defeated by Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal’s inclusion in the bracket was a bit of a debate, but as he has made it this far it is quite apparent that considering his movies to be horror films was the correct choice.

It’s the final vote. We have Dracula, the OG vampire. The character from which all other vampires are based. It is impossible to overstate the impact this villain has had throughout the decades.

And then we have Hannibal Lecter, the creepiest dinner host imaginable. Master manipulator with a culinary expertise that manages to out-weird even that of Heston Blumenthal’s. He is very much the last person you want to get the attention of.


And now it’s time to decide. Champion or victim? Make your choice.


Thank you guys for participating. You’ve got until noon tomorrow to get your votes in. The winner will be announced on Monday. Hope y’all had fun. And have a Happy Halloween.

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