Wow... I just finished watching the last of the Twilight movies (with Rifftrax. I cannot imagine having to watch them any other way.). I gotta say that if I were forced to watch those for real, instead of with Mike and the Bots riffing them, I'd have been PISSED. Hell, I still am. Amused, but pissed these books and movies ever got a dime spent on them. Stephanie Meyer is a bad author. And she should feel bad. And I'd like to see crazy-ass Ann Rice kick her ass. THAT I'd have paid money to see. Or perhaps see Mercedes Lackey beat the hell out of her in a tag team match. You know. On behalf of good authors everywhere. And when M. Lackey gets a bit tired... she tags off to Stephen King, who brings his cane into the ring as the official foreign object for this fight. But watch out... Meyer drags her bloodied frame to the edge of the ring... and TAGS OFF TO A COCAINE FUELED ROB LIEFIELD! AND LACKEY IS BACK IN THE RING! AND SHE'S GOT J.K.ROWLING WITH HER!! OH FOLKS WE HAVE A NO HOLDS BARRED CAGE MATCH HERE IN THE NAME OF LITERARY JUSTICE! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!