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Hot Scientists: The 2014 Calendar!

Your hot models calendar, 2014 edition, features brains and beauty: the models make the models of global warming. So what compelled these scientists to step out from behind the desk, peek away from computers, change from field garb into formal wear? What made them accept make-up artists poking at their faces? These Columbia University climate researchers aim to to increase awareness of climate change, one month at a time.


Here are a few of the climate models:


Calendars will be available in December 2013. You can be one of the first to receive a calendar by supporting the Kickstarter campaign launching today.

[climatemodels.org via grist]

This is not the first project to put a face to scientific research and put a dent into the crazy professor stereotype. This Is What A Scientist Looks Like grew out of a Fermilab project asking young visitors to draw how they viewed scientists before and after touring the physics lab. See how the quirky beauty and charm quarks changed seventh graders' image of scientists here.


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