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Hot Topic is buying ThinkGeek!

What will this mean for us, the nerd consumer??

From The Mary Sue/RTTNews:

Geeknet, Inc. (GKNT), the parent company of online retailers ThinkGeek and ThinkGeek Solutions, Tuesday said it would be acquired by Hot Topic, Inc., a mall and web-based specialty retailer and a portfolio company of private equity firm Sycamore Partners, for $17.50 per share.

The acquisition, which has a total equity value of about $122 million, will be completed by means of a tender offer to be commenced shortly.


I suspect little will change States-side but maybe they’ll start selling TG items at Hot Topic?? I actually have a Hot Topic in my city so maybe I can buy some TG tuff without being paralyzed by shipping and duty fees. Open up a Torrid north of the border, Hot Topic Inc, and we’ll talk some more.

[The Mary Sue]

Also, if it wasn’t obvious, this entire post was an excuse for me to do that little graphic. Om nom nom.

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