Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Hello fellow travelers! Want to bitch and scream and swear and curse the weather? Want to brag about your cloudless skies and warm temps? This is where you do it. This is the Hoth Check-in Point.

So I am not exactly what you'd call THRILLED with the weather at the moment. Philadelphia and it's environs are looking at over a foot of snow today and plunging temperatures tomorrow (thanks for nothing, polar vortex). My commute home, which is usually only an hour, took over three hours this afternoon. I would have made better time if I "borrowed" a polar bear from the zoo and rode THAT home.


I am decidedly displeased. Colloquially, fuck this shit.

So let's hear it. Vent your spleen. How is the weather where you are? East coast, what are your snow totals? Midwest, what's your windchill? West coast, think fondly of your frozen brothers and sisters here as you walk outside in flip flops and t-shirts. Great Britain, what's your story? Germany, how are things? Canada, how are you holding up?

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