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Okay, I don't really think that I want these exactly. These are a little cute for my taste, and I don't have any milk cartons anyway. But I've agreed to participate in a table decorating contest on Saturday, and I haven't yet decided what I want to do.

At first, I wasn't even that interested. I asked a friend if we should do it, just so that we would have a reserved table, but she wasn't interested. And I was about to give up on the idea when I heard someone else was going to do it, and for a while it seemed like she was the only one going to do it. And I hate when something you really want to do gets cancelled because you can't get anyone else to participate. Okay, so now there are four of us competing, and now that it looks like more of a competition, I'd like to win.


Okay, first, I don't want to spend much money. Second, I don't want anything heavy, as I will have to drag all this stuff across a parking lot and down a hall and up an elevator before I get to the place. Third, I would like all the decorations plus my boots and some food to all fit in a 20 gallon plastic tote, so I can get everything up in one trip. But that might not work, and I might have to have one tote for the decorations and go back for the other stuff. But I don't want a lot of fragile stuff that takes a long time to pack. I'm not saying that there will not be in glass, just that I don't want the whole thing to be glass, and I don't want a lot of stuff that I'm worried will get squished either.

My first option would just be to get mostly store bought decorations and put them on the table. I can't use anything that need an electrical outlet, but I can use stuff with batteries. And that would probably be the easiest thing, but I doubt that I'd win if I did only that.

I've got something like this


And I've got this wolf's head thing that I've never even used for anything, and I've got another tombstone. The cross thing is 25 inches, and the other tombstone is 18 inches, so I'm wondering if that's too big to have on a table.

The second easiest thing would just be to go to Dollar Tree and buy stuff. Maybe set a limit of ten dollars.


I have homemade things already made, but they are ceramic. Like my avatar pumpkin. Also, I made some spider web pattern black dishes, I have four plates and four bowls, and I've never used them for anything. But I'd be very upset if anything happened to them, and they are heavy and I'd have to spend a lot of time wrapping them in tissue and such.

What I would really like to do (if there's time) is make new decorations, preferably from junk that is easily obtained. I have an old box fan, and I was wanting to do something with that, but it's 23 inches tall if you count the handle, so I'm thinking it's too big to go on a table and I should save that for something else. I also have a soon to be empty snack container.


But I thought I'd go more for this


It would be nice if I could make something cool (and hopefully not too cute) from stuff that we just normally throw away. I keep trying to get people start planning the Halloween party the day after the current one is over, and we could all save junk and make stuff that looks cool instead of stuff that looks like junk.

Any thoughts? Anybody seen anything cool easily made for cheap?

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