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How are we doing spoilers with Agent Carter?

As you may or may not know, the UK is not getting Agent Carter in any form in the foreseeable future (at best a DVD/Stream release months or a year from now like with Korra) because Channel 4 is refusing to air it and no other channels are picking it up.

As such, the only way you can watch it here (and everywhere else that is not the USA or Canada) are via less then legal tactics. Either using a VPN which even then you would have to wait 8 days for the show to appear on ABC.com. Use a torrent which are nearly all blocked in the UK (Kickass.so is your best shot) except the really dangerous ones or use a shaddy stream services which can be really unsafe and dangerous (thank you US broadcasting law you dicks)


In short, its incredibly difficult to watch if you're not North American.

Observation Deck and io9 seem really odd when it comes to spoilers, good some times with Doctor Who and Game of Thrones while really, really bad with others like Agents of Shield and Korra (could people have not of spoiled the ending and Korrisami in post titles right after it aired?)

This is not asking for no discussion, leaks or anything like that, that would stupid and selfish. It just mean not putting spoiler material in the titles of posts and articles and making sure people know that spoiler material will be discussed until a reasonable amount of time has passed.

What does everyone think is reasonable? Personally 8-10 days so everyone who is not North American can watch it? I'm also curious what the official io9 policy for this is.


lastly, thank you Xeos, 99Telep☺dpr☹blems, Magister, Taltos and Medusa for the viewing information and advice. You guys rock :) and here's a picture of baby grey Squirrel as a thank you:

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