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How are you prepping for Halloween?

Only 23 more days until Halloween. Unless you’re in the Hinter household, then it’s Halloween year-round. This year’s Halloween display was supposed to contain a trifecta of Doctor Who monsters consisting of an Auton, Ood, and 80's Cyberman. Unfortunately, the Cyberman helmet I purchased appears to have been stolen by someone in U.S. customs. The Auton and Ood are in fine shape though, and thanks to a couple of remote controlled LED accent lights, I can now do this at the flick of a button:


I look forward to scaring a few adults, and confusing a few kids who will want to know “is that Star Wars”?

The front porch is festively adorned with cobwebs, skeletons, and bats from Dollar Tree, and now that I’ve finished my big build projects for the year, I may move on to making some Tape Ghosts for the front yard.

How is everyone else prepping for Halloween, or am I the only one who immediately starts bringing out the decorations on October 1st?

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