Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So I was watching some early episodes of Person of Interest, back when they still showed a bit more of the 'research' side of their 'case of the week'. Harold brought up, more than once, the size of someone's digital presence (or lack of one) and I realised that I fell into the category of having about as small a footprint as you can get without being a complete 'lurker'.

I mean, I don't do any social networks and the number of forums i'm active on can be counted on one hand.


I mean, i'm screwed if I have to go for a job interview. I'm basically an anti-social, axe-welding terrorist with my lack of facebook history. At least according to those interviewers who want to trawl through your personal history for any peccadilloes or outright jail-able offenses they might need to be aware of.

Its kind of funny because I was reading a gawker article this morning about some guy wanting to use the 'Right to be Forgotten' law to get rid of a bad review.

My thoughts on that aside, what the hell do i do if I have no online history! I will have lived and died and left nothing of myself behind for future generations. I gotta get my self an ice bucket quick! Martha, where's that GoPro?!? Stand-back people, this is gonna be amazing!


Surely you've googled your name? The internet remembers me as fairly prolific composer/organist which, considering my career as a kickass graphic designer/artwork, is a bit disappointing. :p

On the flipside, if I ever need to disappear, all i need is my emergency evacuation duffle bag i keep at the bottom of my closet and i'm good to go.


wait.... i probably shouldn't have typed that out loud.

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