This is my liberated Borg character from Star Trek Online with Seven of Nine. She* clearly carries many more physical signs of her Borgness than Seven. Since I think too much about this sort of stuff I often wonder what the implications of being liberated from the Borg would be.

Following the Picard precedent Starfleet can't really hold a person responsible for their actions while assimilated. If Picard can resume command of the flagship of the fleet after participating in Starfleet's worst defeat then it's hard to justify prosecuting anyone else. Of course that makes sense since an assimilated person isn't acting under their own free will.

So officially all is forgiven but there still would be stigma. Prior to the Battle of Sector 001 Starfleet specifically ordered the Enterprise-E away due to lingering doubts about Picard. Even a true believer in the cult of the Federation** like Benjamin Sisko had a hard time getting past what Picard had done as Locutus. I doubt Sisko was the only one. Life wouldn't be easy for a Starfleet officer liberated from the Borg, particularly if unlike Picard they show the signs of their assimilation.

The memories and guilt of Picard's assimilation caused him lasting trauma for many years, coming to a head during First Contact. Even with counseling, I would expect many liberated Borg to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to some degree.


You also have to consider how long and at what age someone was assimilated. While Picard was assimilated for a short time, Annika Hansen was assimilated at the age of six and spent most her life as the Borg drone Seven of Nine before being forcibly liberated from the Collective by Kathryn Janeway. Her preference for being called Seven of Nine, or Seven, instead of her birth name suggests she still thinks of herself as at least as much Borg as human. Her issues are not just learning to be more human but what she lost leaving the Collective such as being uncomfortable alone after years of having the many voices in the Collective (something echoed by Hugh).

Someone like Seven doesn't have strong ties to the Federation or Starfleet. Would there be a group of liberated Borg hanging out by themselves in Federation space, like a version of Hugh and his crew? What sort of assistance would the Federation provide to civilian liberated Borg?


I know, it's just a game and the liberated Borg are there because it's cool. But that doesn't mean I can't think about what it would mean to be one.

*Yeah, I'm a guy who tends to play female characters in video games.

**The utopian view of the Federation is generally shown through the eyes of the kind of dedicated (or fanatical) true believers who would be drawn to Starfleet. But that's a rant for another time.