The other day at work, I said I desperately want a teleporter. A coworker didn't know what that was. I said "you know.... like on Star Trek." She said she wasn't a Star Trek fan. Ummm? Umm? Umm? I'm not a Star Trek fan either. At all.* But how is it possible to go through what looks like well over 30 years of life without hearing the term "teleportation"?! This person also terrifies me by having a very poor understanding of the concept of blood pressure but working in a vet clinic, but that's beside the point.

Among other things that my various coworkers do not know: that you can charge your iPhone from your computer, that you're required to have health insurance as of 2014 (unless the Republicans have their way and I'm not sure these people know the government is shut down), what a "red herring" is, that "red herring" is a long standing idiom that is not derived from a Scooby Doo character, who Sarah Palin is..... on and on and on. I'm amazed the people working with me most recently got my "Did you hear about the atom that lost its electron?" joke. The teleportation person was not there.

And not at work, but I knew a person who didn't know pickles are cucumbers. He did not hear the end of that for a long time.

Aaaaaaah! Anyone else get madly frustrated with this sort of thing?

*I actually think Star Trek is great, just never got into it myself if that makes any sense.