Illustration: Chris Bachalo (The cover of Uncanny X-Men #300)

Disney and Marvel have stated that, now that they have the rights to the X-Men back, they won’t be making a X-Men film for at least four to five years. This makes sense – they have their own slate of films in production and pre-production right now, including Black Widow, The Eternals, Shang-Chi, and sequels to Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. Plus, Dark Phoenix is still going to be released this year and releasing a complete reboot the very next year might seem like a crass money-grab.

And yet: they do still want to make money from the X-Men. Waiting four to five years is fine, it builds anticipation, but what about after that? Do they release an X-Men film every few years like Fox was doing? Do they try and release an X-Men every year, like Disney tried with Star Wars? After all, the X-Men has vast amounts of untapped stories, ones that Fox never even touched upon. So how do you solve a problem like the X-Men?

Perhaps with a multi-platform approach:

Uncanny X-Men

Every few years, Marvel will release an Uncanny X-Men film. This would tell the story of the “main” X-Men, the Chris Claremont-era X-Men. They would battle the big villains, the Brood, Mister Sinister, Project Wideawake, and even — hold your gasps please — Mojo. Yes, I would send them to Mojoworld, because that would make a super weird film.


Astonishing X-Men

On years where there is no film, however, Disney+ would release a season of Astonishing X-Men, taking a look at what the various characters get up to between films. It would serve to deepen the characters and show what they have been doing – servely mainly as slice-of-life stories and showing the battles against anti-mutant forces like the Friends of Humanity, the Marauders, and the Watchdogs. (8 to 10 episodes a season.)


X-Men: Legacy

Then, on Hulu, there would be the more adult-oriented X-Men: Legacy. This would be a prequel series set in the ‘60s about Professor X and Magneto’s attempts to protect the fledgling mutantkind from extinction (neither Professor X nor Magneto would be a part of the main Uncanny X-Men films and this would slowly reveal why). Their friendship and the conflict over their ideologies would simmer slowly over the seasons as they took the fight against the Hellfire Club, Factor Three, and the mysterious Cassandra Nova. (10 to 13 episodes a season.)


Generation X

And then, on ABC, would be Generation X, a show about a safe place and training ground for younger mutants, serving as a mix between the New Mutants and Generation X. The headmasters would be Banshee and Emma Frost, but they wouldn’t just be training the mutants: they would be keeping them safe from a world that wants to either use them as weapons or kill them, enemies like Emplate, Nanny and Orphan Maker, and the mysterious and deadly Selene. (20 to 22 episodes a season.)


So there we have one film series and three television shows, one for each platform. Each would also serve a different purpose – Astonishing would flesh out the movie characters and gave them arcs outside of the films themselves, Legacy would give a backstory to mutants in the world while providing a slow burn on the conflict between Xavier and Magneto (both of whom we wouldn’t see in the films for a while), and Generation X would give a different perspective on the mutant conflict, this time from teens and young adults and those trying to protect them.

So what do you think?