Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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How do you store and organize your comics?

Like many people, I chose to get more organized as my New Year's Resolution. My closets were purged of clothing that I hadn't worn or didn't fit, my craft supplies ruthlessly disposed of as well. Bags of paperbacks and toys were donated to charity.

Now there's one thing left to deal with, the comics.

I'm not talking about graphic novels or collections, those have a place on the book shelves. I'm talking about single issues or floppies. There are two collections to deal with, mine and my husband's. Mine is pretty small, maybe one long box full. His goes back all the way to Iron Man's drunk years.


So far I've got them in long boxes like this:

And bagged and boarded in smaller collapsible fabric cubes like this:

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Bags and boards aren't cheap and are pretty labor intensive for a collection of any size. There will be culling, sorting, recycling and donations.

So how do you store your comics? Do you just let them sit in a pile until they turn to mulch under their own weight Hoarders style? I'd love to hear how you solved this issue.


(Where do you donate comics with questionable content to anyway? "Here you go Children's Hospital! Have a complete set of The Ultimates and not the Warren Ellis run!")

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