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How many photographers we got here?

Were you ever active at Flickr (you know, back before they Kinjaed the butt out of it?). I used to spend a fair amount of time there when I had more spoons for it, and one of the groups I belonged to was the 365 Days group, where the individual project was to take a picture that included a body part (NO NOT LIKE THAT) every day for a year, and then submit your pics to the larger group. I only made it 85 days in when my urge to not take more pictures of me (FOR GOD'S SAKE, FACE, WHY STILL THERE???), but I flipped through some old podcasts and remembered the good bits...

For instance, for the hobbyist photographer (like myself), it's a perfect low stress way to break in a new piece of hardware (or make up reasons to get more—I think I had the standing lights already, but I acquired the handheld remotes and the remote flashes through this for more flexibility). I played with exposure (NO NOT LIKE THAT) quite a bit. And of course—digital manipulation, etc, etc, etc...it extends your creativity, if you're the same face almost four hundred times.


Plus, I can look back and pinpoint some health issues, tell when I stopped being a blonde and took the hair super short—it was an interesting photojournal of me as well as a challenging photography project.

I'm toying with starting up again. I can't commit to a full year or every day, just because of the rest of my life is a vortex of suck, but I took a pic yesterday afternoon, and I certainly can try to knock out some longer sequences of photos without feeling either a) big headed for all those selfies or b) lame for not taking one every day or making every day a detailed piece of art. Every second device in my house seems to have a camera. Some day they will do.

I set up a tumblr, and I'll probably also post to Flickr. If anyone else is interested in participating, I'd *love* company from around here (I've carefully removed my real name from the original tumblr title). We don't need to start simultaneously, so give me a yell any time.

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