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Before people correct me, I know Marvel has said, the films take priority and will not make the TV series necessary viewing to understand them. I know that. This also isn't about the idea of universe building, believe me I don't think universe building is bad. What my problem is with what some fans seem to want which I think is too much interconnectivity between the properties.

I've noticed this from many fans of the MCU and TV series, but the example I'll be using is from the recent comments of the Avengers 2 Art Reveals article:

Y'know what would be cool as fuck?

An episode of Agent Carter tells the tale of the Synthetic Man created by Phineas Horton from CA:TFA and how he is being used in experiments by Howard Stark. The story unfolds that the synthetic man can be programed with a 'peacekeeping protocol' to create a hero to fill the void left by the death of Captain America. And with the help of a young genius Henry Pym, the program is written only to be though destroyed during a Hydra attack. The base where the experimental synthetic man and the peacekeeping protocol was buried under tons rubble.

Fast forward to an episode of Agents of SHIELD and the team is brought in to uncover the mystery of a signal coming from deep beneath NYC with a coded message from Howard Stark. The hidden base was found as crews were cleaning up from the alien attack. HYDRA is onto the message as well and its a race to get to the buried facility to see what is going on. The SHIELD agents win the battle and mange to unearth the long hidden lab along with the body of the synthetic man. And since Howard Stark was a part of the work done at the lab, Coulson calls Tony Stark to see if he would like to have a look at what was found.

Fast forward to Avengers: Age of Ultron where Tony and Bruce use the information they find on the old computers and decide to revive the peacekeeping program and apply it to the Ultron robots. And of course the Ultron program goes ape shit. And Ultron is kicking the Avengers asses. So Tony and Bruce, in a last ditch attempt to bring down Ultron, create the ultimate weapon to use against the robotic terror. Taking the remains of the synthetic man found in the buried lab they upgrade it and give it properties that Ultron can't fight against (like the ability to become intangible and alter its density)

And with the help of the Vision, the Avengers finally turn back the Ultron threat!

Yup. That would be cool.

(Note: this isn't meant to be mean or nasty to the commenter, he/she has the right to his/her views and ideas. If the commenter is reading this and doesn't like me using your comment, please tell me and I will remove it, no animosity is intended)


Let's use Blade Runner for example. If we were to use what some seem to be proposing. If it was made nowadays, we should take out all the scenes with Sebastian, Roy exploring his existence, then meeting killing his creator. Instead, let's make a series or a book that has all of those scenes instead so only "true fans" can see it, a series/book that may or may not be any good (do I have to mention Mass Effect Deception and the infamous cereal scene?)

After all, we had that exposition scene at the beginning and we can just tell them that Tyrell died off screen, General Audiences or fans who happened not to have read that stuff wouldn't want all those themes and character development in their films right? Better to treat them like sheep who care only for action.

Admittedly, this is extreme version so let's take a smaller scale example like the 2009 Star Trek. Most of Nero back story is not in the film, only the bare basics are which makes him a rather weak villain that is a bit insane. Most of it is in the Star Trek Countdown comics where we learn so much more about Nero and how he was betrayed by Spock and the Federation which helps truly explain the character motivations. Question, why was that not in the film? Wouldn't that have made a stronger villain and overall stronger story? But no, it was taken out because of this idea that general audiences and a good chunk of fans don't deserve deep themes and in-depth development. Only some light exposition and mindless action.


Personally, I think this goes beyond what should be light connections with the occasional heavy ones between the works. Instead, I feel this is too many heavy connections that would hurt the works and treat people that don't read/watch everything as sheep and fools who don't deserve complex themes and development.

Please feel free to disagree, I don't want to come across as someone bashing on other fans and obviously there's a lot of good counter arguments out there.

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