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How mundane do you want your sci-fi to be?

So here’s a question: do you like your science fiction to be vast, sweeping epics or do you like smaller stories that dig deeper into how the sci-fi world works?

I was wasting my life time on Twitter this weekend and ended up getting into a fascinating discussion after I mentioned that I liked Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars story, Aftermath. I particularly liked how it went into small details about how the Star Wars universe worked. It has PR people and repair men, people who took up bounty hunting when their career in ballet didn’t go anywhere. I personally LOVE shit like that. I’m always that asshole who reads a book or sees a film and thinks “Who does Darth Vader call if he needs tech support?” or “I wonder who does Leia’s hair? No way she did those braids herself.”. I like knowing how universes work. I like imagining stuff like the canteen on the Death Star (“did you dry these trays in a rain forest?!”) or what Stormtroopers do in their down time. For such a bustling universe, there must be tons of people who have retail jobs at Hoth H&M or Cloud City Chipotle. I love knowing how stuff like that WORKS. To me, Mon Mothma having a PR rep going on the Star Wars equivalent of the Rachel Maddow show makes perfect sense to me.


My friend was incredibly against this. They said having a PR rep in Star Wars was the complete opposite of what Star Wars stood for. It’s supposed to be a huge sweeping epic, a campfire story of heroics and villainy. It’s broad strokes and big battles. Getting granular like PR reps ruins the feel of the universe.

I can understand where they are coming from but I also can’t help but feel curious about the real underworkings of the universe. Would I read a story set in the Star Wars universe about a rebel soldier who goes on to open a book store and has a staff consisting of a nerdy Twi’lek girl and a surly Wookie? Fuck yeah I would. Do I also want the next movie to be a huge epic adventure with space battles and blaster fights? Also fuck yeah I do! I think they can live in harmony together but I can see how some people don’t think they can.

So I’m curious what everyone thinks. Do you like your sci-fi to be the big and broad type, or do you like stories a bit smaller and more mundane? Do you think they can both live in harmony?

Also, is it too late in the month to start a Nanowrimo SW fanfiction about a rebel solider, his bookstore and his crazy staff? Asking for a friend.

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