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How To Get Through The Day: Embrace the Fluffiness

These Snow Leopard sisters made their public debut at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago last week. They were born in June, and are now big enough to be viewed by the public in their outdoor habitat.

(Bask in the serenity of the fluff. Feel your tension drain away.)


Snow Leopard mom Sarani gave birth to cubs Daania and Malaya on June 16, and did a great job raising them in their private den.

(Take special note of how soft the fluff looks.)

The Snow Leopard is one of the species for which the AZA has created a Species Survival Plan, due to the fact that less than 10,000 Snow Leopards remain in the wild.

(Allow your mind to dwell on the fact that these are basically clouds in feline form.)


I’ve written about Snow Leopards in my Caturday series.

(Feel the fluff. Be one with the fluff.)


And there’s also video!

(See the fluff in motion. Let it lull you into a calm state of being.)

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