All you need is a soda bottle!

Or at least that is what marine biologists at Monterey Bay Aquarium used. In trying to prepare for an exhibit on Cephalopods they ran into the problem of cuttlefish mothers neglecting the eggs which made it difficult to raise a large clutch of them. So they developed a method to raise the eggs separately from the mothers using soda bottles.

The first step in making the world’s best egg bubbler is the easiest: drink the soda. That done, Bret cuts the bottle in half, and affixes a small screen between the two pieces. The bottom end, where the cap used to be, also has a screen. Then the whole thing is submerged. Next, a tube injects air into the top half of the bubbler, drawing water oh-so-gently up through the whole device, and aerating the eggs with the perfect fizziness—not too much, not too little.

After a few weeks you get free swimming hatchlings about the size of a pea and by three months they grow to be three inches long.

Via The Atlantic