On this week's episode of Face Off the seven contestants have a seemingly straightforward challenge - to create a supepowered character. But of course it's not that simple. First the characters are to be alter egos of the contestants. And the contestants will be their own models. Results ahead.

The contestants had some inkling something like this was coming since they had head molds make. Unless they were all drugged and taken to the lab in the middle of the night to secretly have head molds made. The only other time I can remember the contestants transforming themselves is from way back in the first season. Even with assistants to help on application day the bulk of the work has to be done by each contestant on their own body (though they also help each other during the last hour before going on stage).

One last surprise for the contestants is revealing a surprise judge - Todd McFarlane.


Julian, Darla and Ben put forward decent efforts and were safe this week. I l'm not a big fan of Ben but I did like his design this time.

Adam was having a blast with his Crimson Wave character (which conveniently worked with his dyed hair). I thought his look was closest to coming straight out of a comic book. He was a top look this week.


But the challenge winner this week is Logan and his Slayer character. While Adam is the most comic book-ish, Logan's winged dragon archer champion is the one I could most easily see in a movie or live action TV show (Adam's Crimson Wave would make a better animated character).


Emily's design doesn't really come across as a superhero and she ends up in the bottom looks with Stephanie.

The spectre of doom hangs over Stephanie throughout the episode. Once again she has trouble coming up with a good concept. A weak concept and lackluster execution seals her fate and she was sent home.


Team Laura lost one member but she still has three in the game. I don't think Emily will make it to the finale but Julian and Darla both have a shot.

You can see galleries of this week's designs, past works of the champions and previous seasons here.