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How Top of the Lake is the worst show I've ever seen.

Spoilers ahead. Huge spoilers and a whole lot of trash talk. This really was a supremely shitty show.

Alright. This is my original rant after I saw the final episode;

Just finished Top of the Lake. What an utter load of SHIT. F for fail. This is the most vaunted, silly, stupid, pathetic and pretentious show I have ever seen. Talking about being high on yourself. The people behind this must have gotten themselves high on all sorts of things, let it flow naturally through the body, before taking it again, then writing a crime series where all the answers are obvious after watching half of the first episode.


I mean hell, in the last episode a HOMELESS GUY helps a TEN YEAR OLD giving birth, which is just fine and dandy, nothing wrong there. Only a few scenes later, a sun dry-humps his father to gain control of him. No. Just no. This is not okay.

Then the end! Holy shit. Stop fucking around. Some people are talking about how good the series is and how well the symbolism is, how it's deployed in interesting ways and a lot of things means something, but you know what? This is bullshit. Nonsense.

The show is (sometimes painfully) slow, in order to trick you into thinking that it has lots of things to say, when in reality it's as empty as a Michael Bay movie. No, hang on a second, a Bay movie has more to say than Top of the Lake. The former has at least characters you can feel a bit and relate to, while Top of the Lake only has a shitload of idiots and ONE thing to say it hammers in as silently as possible, so you almost don't notice it's there and thus is "full of symbolism" and a "long series with plenty to say." This is one of the most ridiculous I've seen in a good long while. It was certainly nice scenery pictures, but so is the also the only positive. Well, apart from the mood sometimes.

It's just a super-crappy pretentious show. I will admit that I loved the scenes where they look for the missing ten year old in the vast New Zealand-scenery and the show started feeling like an epic fantasy story. That was, quite frankly, amazing. Everything else? Nope. Fuck the whole thing. And yes, I see how it was a story of a community and how violence leads to more violence, along with fathers, but the big fault in the series was that there weren't any characters I liked. In addition to this, the show was basically "Life according to GJ", a character that had a few great and funny lines, is someone I didn't value. I disagree with her perspective on things and her view on life. So yeah. That's really my main problem, with weak characters and an obvious plot that pretends it's super-complex being the two others.

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