Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Marvel's Agent Carter has been a hit for the critics and the fans alike. While the ratings aren't anything to write home about (especially against the NCIS juggernaut), there's a fairly good chance that Peggy Carter will return to us in some form. The question is, how should the show return?

While Agent Carter was a solid show, it was by no means perfect. One of the frequently cited issues with Agent Carter was that for a show so focused on the female perspective, it spent a lot of time on spotlighting its male characters, which was especially true for the season finale. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it didn't leave much room in a short 8-episode series for meaningful interactions between Peggy and her female friends. There were some relevant parallels in the early episodes, especially with Peggy's roommate whose job is on the line when veterans return from the war front to take women's jobs. Unfortunately, that character is written off before the end of the first episode, and many of Agent Carter's female characters largely serve as comic relief. It would benefit the show to give Peggy a friend with whom she can commiserate. Future Agent Carter seasons (crosses fingers) could introduce characters such as Helen Cobb from the recent Captain Marvel comic books (as seen in the panels above), who is a fighter pilot who, like Peggy, had to face gender discrimination in the '50s as she tried to become one of the first astronauts. Helen Cobb, incidentally, is based on real-life women who were screened and tested with the same standards as male astronauts as part of a research project.


What would you do to improve Agent Carter?

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