Given that Lionsgate just announced a live-action (because of course it has to be live action) movie of Naruto, there is much speculation on what the plot is going to be. There is also plenty (including myself) of people asking, “why?!” and, “did they not learn from Dragon Ball!” but that is for another thread.

For this thread however, we’ll be going into the realm of our own imagination. Today we’ll be asking ourselves how we would make a Naruto movie. What type of work would you want create if it was your job to make an adaptation of Naruto?

Would it be animated or live action? Would you keep it close to the source material, or change it significantly? What tone would the work be and what rating would you be aiming for?

Please feel free to come up with any ideas.

For myself:

Plot wise, I would set it during the prologue (skipping the land of waves saga) and the Chūnin Exams. I would focus on the growing friendship between the three and the struggle that Sasuke feels inside. The big change I would do apart for skipping all the Land of wave stuff would be that Itachi the one who attacks during the exams instead of Orochimaru & Sunagakure and have it end with Sasuke leaving with his brother.


Tone wise, I would keep it close to the original, if a little bit darker. It would be an animated movie to make sure that the fighting moves and effects can look as great as possible. It would have its own unique art style and I would be aiming for a 12A-15 rating (high PG-13 to low R for US users).