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In the Past Few Months, we've seen many new redesigns of classic heroes within the comics. Some have been well received such as Batgirl and Spider-Woman. Other less so like the recent new designs for many of DC's Classics.


But of course, all of this is subjective, personally, I like the new designs for Wonder Woman (which I've just noticed looks like Commander Shepard's N7 armour) and Green Arrow (though I'm curious why he is wearing Alan Scott's Trousers). However, others do not and I can understand why not. We all have our different personal preferences and opinions.

As such, lets have some fun and let our imaginations run wild. If you were given the job to redesign any classic superheroes or super-villains of your choosing, how would you do it? What elements would you keep and what parts do you feel need to be updated.


Also no, keeping the classic design is not an option.

As Always, I'll go first.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)


Barbara Gordon is the most well-known Batgirl there has been and who currently holds the title. When designing her, my first idea is to give her a haircut, as I've thought many times that having the hair come out of the back of the cowl to be a bad idea. The main colour scheme would keep with the current purple and black, but make the purple much darker and replace the yellow with dark blue.

The cowl itself would have have retractable mouth piece that closes during combat, tinted black glasses covering the eyes and medium sized bat ears. The main body would be spandex for maximum speed and agility except for Polyurethane shin & arm guards, gloves, a belt, sport-type shoes and a Kevlar vest with the bat-symbol on. The cape would be resized so it would only go halfway down the back.


Have fun!

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