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How YouTube simply tried too hard for April Fools 2014

I was originally going to make this a "best and worst" April Fool's online prank post - but far better storytellers than I have already run that gamut (I'd still like to note that the Google Pokemon Trainer is probably overall the most clever and entertaining). So I'd like to focus on how YouTube pretty much just shot themselves in the foot this year.

Years ago, when YouTube was just starting up and becoming a "thing" (so about 2008, if not 2007) people were already in a mad dash to become the next big viral video. So much so that apparently someone put out a completely serious ad for a viral video kit that pretty much looked like all those cheesy 80s commercials that have since themselves gone viral (I can't seem to find it, I'll post it when I can find it). I really wish I can find it because, well, it's pretty much this year's YouTube April Fool's Prank done years ago.


It's not particularly original, it's not particularly funny, and it smacks of having the same level of cultural and internet savviness as a typical local news program chiming in on the "latest" memes for the first time - which is to say, none at all. It's like experiencing cultural commentary from someone who has made a point of avoiding being culturally "connected," only being tangentially aware through a general osmosis, and pretty much getting the result you'd expect.

The only thing is, this is brought to you by people that, you'd figure, would be on the forefront of pop cultural connection.

Also, they not only ripped off a cheesy mid-2000s TV ad, but also ripped of nigahiga's April Fool's joke from last year:

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