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How's Your Day Going In Today's Open Thread!

It’s been a slow day for me, and since I’m on-call all weekend I hope it stays that way. I did have a mind bending moment when I overheard a serious discussion at the doughnut shop with one youtube scholar taking the flat earth side and another championing the sphere theory because the earth is hollow... I decided on getting a cake doughnut with chocolate frosting and green and white sprinkles.


With the on-call thing, I’m probably going to keep things pretty close to home. Fortunately I have a couple things to keep me busy. Right now I’m watching an endurance race from Sebring Florida.

Later on (or during the 12 hour race) I need to sit down and figure out why Itunes on my desktop will not let me sign in. It’s a little frustrating because I received a gift card from a friend and I haven’t been able to redeem it. Also I wanted some new music to listen to when I travel to a training class at the end of the month.

So how’s O-Deck spending their time? Got something you want to talk about?Need to vent? Have any valid points in the flat earth vs hollow earth debate? Or talk about whatever, it’s the Open Thread!

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