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I started last Tuesday night with my Psych marathon and am almost through season 5. The psychic cliché should have gotten stale by now, but for some reason, every episode seems fun and fresh. I've been stating up late just to finish a season or round out a couple of episodes. It's sad really, but I'm loving it!!

The in-jokes and self-deprecation are almost too quick to follow.When Shawn blurted out "Lawnmower Man" in the episode with Jeff Fahey, I almost peed my pants laughing too hard.


So far, my favorite episodes are: Tuesday the 17th, Mr. Yin Presents..., Lights, Camera... Homicidio

I'm trying to finish up to the current season so I can see the musical episode.

Prop I want from the show: Gus' pajamas

Past crush: Buzz

Current crush: Det. Lassiter

I KNOW! I wouldn't have gone there either, but I think it's a combination of the height, the chest hair and that sneer that is doing something for me right now. By the current season, it might change, but I would cuddle Carlton so hard right now!! Seriously, he looks good in a baseball uniform.


Thoughts, spoilers gifs? Please add to the confusion in the comments section.

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