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Hugoton High School: walking close to young-Earth creationism

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Tomorrow and Tuesday, a middle and high school district in Hugoton, KS will have a mandatory assembly titled “Dinosaurs, those terrible lizards.” The assembly will be ran by two young-Earth creationists.

The school district is trying its best to say that this is not a stealth insertion of YEC into the school curriculum:
“I think someone was misinformed,” [Hugoton school superintendent] Crawford said, adding that his district doesn’t promote or teach creationism and that it would be inappropriate to do so. “We teach Kansas state standards for science.”


Crawford said Matt Miles, one of the Creation Truth Foundation’s speakers, was from Hugoton. Community members invited the group to Hugoton for evening events and asked whether Miles also could give presentations during the school day. Crawford said the district agreed but secured a written statement from Miles promising that the content of daytime talks would be “school appropriate.”

The local and national ACLUs are asking that the school do its constitutional duty and not let public school time be used to promote YEC. I am not entirely sure how the school can keep YECs from inserting some form of YEC teaching into two days of assemblies about dinosaurs (which, judging from the website of an organization both of the speakers work for, were created a few thousand years ago, presumably on the sixth day of creation). The website for the assemblies themselves states that they "[present] a science based hour long investigative and captivating view about the nature and behaviors of these fascinating animals; much of which is not published in textbooks or seen in the main stream media." [emphasis added]

I wonder what things about dinosaurs wouldn't be published in textbooks or seen in the main stream media [sic]? Hmmmmmmm...

So, if you're in Kansas this week, stop into Hugoton, see the Creation Truth Foundation's public presentations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (which I'm sure will be educational) and see if the public high school lets two charlatans from the Creation Truth Foundation teach YEC as if it's worth anyone's time.


ETA: possibly better write-ups here and here.

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