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Humanity Has Evolved On This Week’s Face Off

The six remaining Face Off contestants are presented a challenge inspired by Syfy’s upcoming show The Expanse. (Can you feel the synergy?) Each contestant will have to create a human who has physically adapted to a specific environment. Results ahead.


The authors of the Expanse books, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham (who are also working on the Syfy series) join McKenzie to introduce the challenge. Each contestant selects a future catastrophic event to base their design on. This is a Focus Challenge so the face is the important thing and anything else like fabricated pieces are secondary considerations. So they have one less day to make the creatures.

Nora and Scott both had bad starts. Nora once again has trouble translating her vision into clay. She scrapped her initial sculpt and started over. Scott has an unprecedented return visit by the Westmores who advise him his design is too alien and not enough human. Nora’s Toxic Pollution (left) and Scott’s Nuclear Fallout (right and top image) characters are Safe this week.


Jordan finds time to not only do the face of his Ige Age character (left) but also some hair work. The extra work pays off and makes him a Top Look this week. Evan works a lot of detail into his Severe Drought character (right) that impresses the judges enough to declare him the winner of this week’s challenge.


Ben once again finds himself in the Bottom Looks with his Volcanic Disaster character (left). Glenn says both Ben’s and Stevie’s Polar Melting character (right) designs show “conceptual failure.” The judges decide Stevie’s work is the weakest this week and husky voiced Stevie is sent home.

Next week the five remaining contestants compete for the three finale spots with a double elimination challenge. I’m not so sure now about Ben making the finale. He keeps bouncing from Top Look to Bottom Look so could go either way next week. Nora can’t keep losing hours of sculpting time at the start and still make it to the finale but if she can hit the ground running she has a shot. Evan seems to have found his groove and looks solid for the finale. Scott and Jordan are definitely still in the running. So anyone can still make the finale in my opinion.


You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.

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