Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

You guys/gals, the Humble Android Bundle 4 is here and it is AWESOME!

First off, here's the list of games you get right off the bat if you purchase this bundle.




Riptide GP2. Did you ever play Wave Race in your youth? If so, then you will definitely get the gameplay and enjoy this game! Same basic thing, but it is much more fun this time around. You'll be able to upgrade your jetskis and all that jazz. Do tricks and you earn more credits per round. I forget the regular price of this game in the Play Store (think it's $2.99), so this one alone is worth the cost of the entire bundle and makes it a must buy. (And yes, I own this game. It is enjoyable on a smartphone or a tablet.)


Zombie Gunship. This game is basically a "new" take on an old idea. Mow down the zombies. FROM A GUNSHIP! Upgrade your airplane, weaponry, etc and keep the zombies from reaching the buildings where the humans are taking shelter. Nothing to it, loads of fun.

If you pay more than the current average price, you also unlock two more games.

Badland. Wow. Just wow. This game is so much fun. It's reminiscent of Limbo, which I'm sure more than a few of you have played. Except the mechanics are a bit different. This time around you're some kind of bird like creature that grows or shrinks depending on various things you "collect", all of which is useful to advance and get past obstacles. Don't let the screen catch up to you though or it's bye bye! Oh and this game lets you play with other players all on the same screen! (You'll definitely need a tablet to play that way though, preferably a 10" one.) Regular price for all the options included in this version is $2.99 if memory serves me correctly. (I tend to forget, I bought this as soon as it came out.) For a very thorough review of the game (complete with screenshots) check out this page here.


Breach and Clear. If you've ever played any type of Rainbow Six game then you'll definitely get the hang of this one. The name says it all, breach and clear (using yourself and your squad). Current price on the Play Store has this one at $3.99, so paying the above average price basically gets you your money's worth and then some on this game. A review of it in full can be found here. Haven't played it, so I might consider purchasing the bundle just to try it.

Keep in mind that by purchasing the Humble Bundle you can donate your funds to charities, the developers of these games or a mixture of the two. Can't go wrong with giving to charity or developers or both!


Also worth noting is that if this is like previous bundles, then what you'll get is the .apk files of the games. Although that might have been updated since the last time I purchased one of these, which was the very first one they did. I know they had a Humble Bundle Downloader app in the works (which I helped beta test) and all you had to do was install that and then enter the code you received and your games would be unlocked in said app and available for immediate download and install. If that's not the case, then you just get the .apk files and throw them on your device and using any file manager navigate to them and install them. Click and install. Easy peasy.

For those wondering what the current average price is it's sitting at $3.41 right now, but that'll likely go up throughout the day and until the bundle ends. So $3.42 minimum gets you all these great games, but if you can pay more then feel free to do so. It won't hurt to help a charity and pay the devs for these amazing apps all in one go. : )


EDIT: Note that the first two apps I didn't write about since I haven't played them or even have a clue what type of games they are. Only reason why they don't have info after them. I did include Play Store links for everything (and some reviews), so feel free to click on for a little self info gathering.

Edit 2: nctrns has commented to say the following, some of which I forgot to include. "There's a Humble Bundle app. You can log in if you have an account at HB. (Just remember to login with whatever email address you used over at Humble Bundle.) The app then lists all your games and handles updates. Of course to install any of the HB .apks you have to enable sideloading first:

Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources."

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