This episode is about Jennifer so she gets the spot of honor at the top.

This week’s time traveler buddy road trips weren’t what I was expecting but this episode of 12 Monkeys “Hyena” did address a few things I had been wondering about. And we find out a certain character isn’t quite dead yet.

We start off in 2016 where Jennifer Goines has decided to fight back against Army of the 12 Monkeys. Since 2016 Jennifer is still not quite right in the head she recruits fellow mental patients into her army that she calls Hyenas because she believes they are the natural predators for monkeys. As Jennifer puts it her group is “like the A-Team with all Murdocks.” The group looks like it may be the beginning of Jennifer’s caravan of women in the future (or not as things turn out).

In 2044 the temporal storms are getting worse. Cole visits Jennifer to find out the identity of the last Primary whose death is causing the anomalies. Jennifer is cryptic as always but 2044 Jennifer seems to be more eccentric than crazy like the younger versions of her. She doesn’t know the identity of the last Primary but she knows who does - the Tall Man (formerly known as the Pallid Man). Jennifer tells Cole to visit her in 2016 when she and her Hyenas are hunting him. She also knows Cassie and Ramse are looking into Titan and warns against following through on that.

Cole finds Jennifer in 2016 but doesn’t hit it off well with her Hyenas, particularly one named Vanessa. To draw out the Tall Man, Cole and the Hyenas track down the man who developed the original virus. Cassie had spared his life but instead of fleeing he has been trying to make an antidote while working as a janitor at a medical facility.


The plan is to have Dr. Peters come out of hiding to hold a press conference warning the world about the virus. Cole intends to grab the Tall Man without going through with the press conference but Vanessa leads a revolt of the Hyenas who want the world to know about the virus. Cole believes the resultant panic will make things worse (he’s lived through the pandemic and has seen how people react to the news before). Jennifer and Cole are put under guard while the rest of the Hyenas get Peters to his press conference.

Cassie and Ramse are obsessed with finding the Witness so they keep looking for clues to where (and when) Titan is. Hannah, Jones’ daughter, suggests going to see the Keeper (of course that’s his name). So we get a Cassie/Ramse road trip through the wasteland of 2044. The Keeper promptly captures them and ties them into chairs hooked up to polygraph machines.


The Keeper deals in information so in exchange for what Cassie and Ramse want to know the Keeper interrogates them to find out what is the source of their mutual animosity. It turns out to be all about Cole. At different times Cole has had to choose one over the other so each one is jealous - Cassie over the Cole/Ramse bromance, Ramse over the Cole/Cassie romance. The Keeper is satisfied with their truthful answers and gives them a lead on Titan.

Back in 2016 Cole and Jennifer get away from the Hyenas and capture the Tall Man. Cole does some enhanced interrogation on the Tall Man who tells them that the last paradox is in 1957 in upstate New York. Whether that’s true or not is questionable since the Tall Man, like any good villain, was a step ahead the whole time. His bodyguard has tracked his cell phone location and the Tall Man escapes. He also has a bomb planted at the hospital where the press conference is being held. As Peters starts to speak the bomb goes off, destroying the hospital and killing Peters and the Hyenas.


The Keeper’s information on Titan is an old CIA report with a lot of redacted sections that mentions East Germany, 1961 and a Doctor Kirchner. That’s potentially enough for a Cassie/Ramse road trip to the past.

2016 Jennifer is distraught over the deaths of her Hyenas. Cole tries to cheer her up and tells her the words that she later will give Cole: “There are many endings… The right one is the one that you’ll choose.” Cole splinters away but returns to Jennifer’s door almost immediately injured and bloody. It’s probably safe to say something didn’t go right.

Jones spends some quality time with Hannah and shows her a photo of her father. Then we jump back to 2016 where the Tall Man is recruiting Hannah’s father to build something… titanic.



  • I forgot that the people living in 2044 are still alive because they are immune to the current strains of the virus. Cassie isn’t so she wears that respirator.During their road trip, Cassie comments that she has to end up back in the past to send the message mentioning Cole that starts everything. This was something I was thinking about last week when we were reminded about Doctor Cassandra Railly’s role in the early days of the pandemic. At some point Cassie has to go back to her old life as a virologist and die during the pandemic (or “die” the way Hannah did).


  • Olivia (or the Striking Woman as IMDB identifies her) is still alive but a paraplegic after the plunge into the empty swimming pool. She’s having some questions about the Witness and there is tension between her and the Tall Man. Of course him taking over her role as leader of the 12 Monkeys is a part of that.


  • Last week I wondered how Jones and Hannah would get along. As I thought Hannah considers Jennifer Goines her mother since she raised her. Jones is a stranger to her. I’m surprised by how well Jones is handling the situation. She seems to accept Hannah’s daughterly relationship with Jennifer (for now). But Hannah has also been indoctrinated with Jennifer’s worldview and I wonder how that will play out now that she’s inside the temporal facility.

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