Are you tired of the fact that the Marvel TV never seems to cross over with the MCU films? Tired of the fact that The Defenders refer to the Hulk as “the big green guy” or Captain America as “the flag-waver”? Tired of not seeing team-ups when team-ups are actually some of the funnest parts of comic books? Well, that’s why Marvel should make Marvel’s Two-in-One Shots. They aren’t movies or TV shows, but rather “one shots” — short films running twenty to forty minutes long in which two characters meet each other and, you know, probably fight. Or drink.

Marvel Two-in-One Shot #1: The Devil and Peter Parker

Yes, the one where Spider-Man finally meets Daredevil! And...they probably fight a little bit before teaming up! Because!

When Peter Parker notices a lot of thefts from high rise buidlings throughout Midtown Manhattan, he tries to figure out who the thief is and finds out that it’s master thief Wilbur Day, currently living in Hell’s Kitchen. But when Spider-Man ends up making a mess of the place, he runs into the protector of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil. Can they sort out their differences and then team-up to take down the menace of Stilt-Man?


Why are you laughing? Yes, really, Stilt-Man.

Marvel Two-in-One Shot #2: Drinking Buddies

Someone has hired Jessica Jones to investigate a famous celebrity. It just so happens that famous celebrity is Tony Stark. And it just so happens that Jessica knows where he drinks. Surely sitting down for a drink or three with him won’t be a problem, right? That’s how all investigations go.


Marvel Two-in-One Shot #3: Hands, Both Broken and Unbreakable


Danny Rand can make his fist like a thing unto iron...but that’s about it. He knows that other Iron Fists have been able to do a lot more than that with their chi, but he doesn’t have anyone to teach him. Or does he? Rumor has it that there is a Master of the Mystic Arts on Bleeker Street who might be able to show Danny a thing or two.

Marvel Two-in-One Shots #4: Cages

Steve Rogers is a man out of time, kept in a prison of his own regrets and failures. Luke Cage knows about prison and knows that if you don’t do something, prison can break you. When Steve and Luke end up crossing paths one night in Harlem, each one ends up learning a thing or two about the other...and how to keep surviving in the face of insurmountable odds.


Marvel Two-in-One #5: Remembrance of Things Past


On break from saving the world, Natasha Romanoff and Melinda May sit down to drink alcohol and remember the good old days, what little of them there were.

And there we go. I figure that these shorts can either be distributed via Netflix or perhaps even before the main feature MCU film, a la Disney. (Of course, when Coco did that, people hated it, so perhaps not.)