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I will admit it: I was massively disappointed when Netflix cancelled Iron Fist. The second season had been such a massive improvement and I really wanted to see where the stories of Colleen Wing (the new Iron Fist) and Danny Rand (with his new chi-powered guns) went. Hopefully, Disney will pick up the show and give it a bigger budget. This, then, is my idea for if that happened.

Marvel’s Immortal Iron Fist

A show for Disney’s streaming service.

This show will continue the story of Daniel Rand and Colleen Wing, two warriors on different paths, now set to converge again. Danny and his adopted brother Ward Meachum have traveled throughout Asia looking for a man named Orson Randall, a man who can apparently manipulate chi and imbue objects with it (like guns). Colleen, on the other hand, has stayed in Chinatown and dedicated her life to helping its citizens, both with and without using the Iron Fist. But what happens when Danny and Ward finally find Orson Randall? What happens when the destiny of the Iron Fist is revealed? The Tournament of Heaven is about to begin and every Immortal Weapon must fight.


1x01 – “The Last Iron Fist Story”

Danny and Ward finally meet Orson Randall, who tells them that he was the last Iron Fist, before he ran away and his name struck from the Book of the Iron Fist. But now he sees that destiny has caught up to him – and in Chinatown, Colleen receives a message: “The Tournament of Heaven has begun.”

1x02 – “Doorway to Heaven”

Colleen asks Misty to come with her and investigate what the “Tournament of Heaven” is. Soon, they find themselves at a doorway, where only the Iron Fist can open and inside, where all the Immortal Weapons have gathered. Meanwhile, Orson Randall gifts Danny with the Book of the Iron Fist.


1x03 – “Bridge of Sorrow, Bridge of Pain”

As Danny, Ward, and Orson learn more about the history of the Iron Fist, Colleen and Misty find themselves not just in K’un-L’un, but in the Heart of Heaven, greeted by Lei-Kung the Thunderer. Unfortunately, he was expecting Danny and is not happy to see the new Iron Fist.


1x04 – “Night of the Dragon”

In order to prove her worthiness as the Iron Fist, Colleen has agreed to undergo the same trial as all the previous Iron Fists: facing the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying. But what does that actually entail? Meanwhile, Danny and Ward face their demons inside their dreams.


1x05 – “The Spider’s Song”

The Tournament of Heaven has now commenced. As Danny, Ward, and Orson return to New York City, Colleen faces off against the Bride of Nine Spiders. Welcome to the horror show.


1x06 – “Dark Waters of Death”

A long time ago, Orson Randall ran away from death. Now, he faces it again and gives the last of his gift to Danny. The Tournament of Heaven takes its first life. And Madame Gao finally reveals herself.


1x07 – “The Armageddon Game”

As Colleen faces off against Dog Brother #1, Danny looks into the secret machinations of Madame Gao and finds something much worse than a tournament. Something like the end of the world.


1x08 – “The Loyal Ten Thousand Dead”

As the Tournament continues, Colleen, Misty, Danny, and Ward all find themselves trapped and overwhelmed. But can they convince the other Immortal Weapons to stand by them?


1x09 – “If Death Be My Destiny...”

The time has come – the revolution has begun. Can Colleen, Danny, and the rest of the Immortal Weapons stop the gates of Heaven from opening and an army of the dead from being unleashed?


1x10 – “The Fall of the House of Rand”

Witness the final battle between Daniel Rand and Yu-Ti, Lord of K’un-L’un. Witness the rise of the Crane Mother and the battle between her and the Daughters of the Dragon. Witness the fight between the Immortal Weapons and the army of the dead. Witness the end of all things.


Now how does that sound?

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