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Hypothetical TV: Marvel's Midnight Sons

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Hey, if Marvel isn’t going to make it, I will.


On his way to find a place where the Darkhold will never be found, Robbie Reyes realizes that there are pages missing. Realizing that even a single page can cause harm, he looks into the history of the Darkhold and finds someone who can help: Victoria Montesi, owner of Borderline Books, an rare bookstore. Montesi introduces Robbie to the former Ghost Rider Danny Blaze and professor of the occult Louise Hastings, who tells Robbie that vampires and werewolves have long been associated with the Darkhold as well as whatever spirit now inhabits him. If pages from the book were to fall into the hands of someone truly evil, it could bring about the end of humanity, so Blaze and Reyes go out to recruit sorceress Jennifer Kale and monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone in an attempt to find all the pages and kill anything that gets in their way. But what, exactly, is the Order of the Midnight Sun? And who is the mysterious Mr. Hellstrom that owns Borderline Books?

“Do you know what the midnight sun is? At the ends of the Earths, where blood literally runs cold, the days can last for months. You can look out at midnight and still see the sun. But that also means that the night will lasts months as well. There are beings out there who wish to bring about an everlasting night, who wish to see the sun extinguished and only darkness remain. We, then, are the Midnight Sons. We hold back the night for as long as possible.”

“Don’t listen to all that bullshit, kid. We’re the Midnight Sons because we’re the children of monsters. We’re inches away from damnation and that’s why we fight so hard against it.”


Episode Guide

#101 “The Midnight Rider”

When Robbie Reyes meets Johnny Blaze, he becomes a part of the Order of the Midnight Sons. But what does this mean for his mission to contain the Darkhold...and why are there pages missing?


#102 “Adventure into Fear”

Blaze and Robbie go to the heart of the Everglade Forest to recruit the sorceress Jennifer Kale, but they might have to face a certain Man-Thing first. But is it their enemy or is there something else evil in the swamp?


#103 “Blood Makes Noise”

At Bloodstone Mansion, Robbie, Blaze, and Victoria meet with Elsa Bloodstone to recruit her for their mission. She has only one request: help her kill her undead father.


#104 “Night of the Laughing Dead”

One of the missing pages of the Darkhold has turned up at a circus, where a clown has committed suicide. But his spirit lingers, forcing those who laughed at him to re-enact his death over and over. Can the Midnight Sons stop the cycle before it ends with everyone committing suicide?


#105 “Ghost Stories”

Johnny decides to tell Robbie tales of previous Ghost Riders.

#106 “The Devil and Robbie Reyes”

When the Rider leaves his body, Robbie is forced to work with Mr. Hellstrom to get it back. Hellstrom reveals a bit of his backstory, causing Robbie to re-evaluate if he’s on the right team.


#107 “Wake the Devil”

With the Rider back in his body, Robbie goes after Stephen Lords, a mob boss who has a mysterious connection to the Darkhold. But when Robbie bites off more than he can chew, can the other Midnight Sons bail him out in time?


#108 “War in Heaven”

When Stephen Lords, another Ghost Rider, begins his demonic invasion starting in the sleepy town of Heaven, Illinois, the Midnight Sons are there to stop it, but when faced with such a horde, will it overwhelm even them?


#109 “Danse Macabre”

Louise Hastings has read from the Darkhold in order to stop the invasion, but will it let her? Or will it twist her mind like all the others? Is the only way to stop a war to sell your soul?


#110 “Lovely, Dark and Deep”

The war is over, but peace came at a cost. The Midnight Sons go their separate ways and Robbie decides to return home. But Mr. Hellstrom has promises to keep...


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