Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Hypothetical TV: Marvel's Moon Knight

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This week on Hypothetical TV, we explore Marvel’s Moon Knight, a show that doesn’t exist currently. But here on Hypothetical TV, we don’t bother ourselves with things that exist. We only ask, “What if?”


Marc Spector is an ex-marine and former mercenary, now returned to New York City with a pile of blood money. Steven Grant is the new millionaire in town, rich and reclusive. Jake Lockley is a cabbie who knows all the ins and outs of the city. And all three are the same person.

Something happened to Marc Spector in Egypt, something that fractured his mind and memory. He knows another mercenary, Raoul Bushman, shot him, but there are no scars. He remembers a statue and the scorching sun. He knows he has a debt he needs to pay, a compulsion to go into the night and fight against the madness of the city, the strange crimes and supernatural creatures.


“Khonshu has four phases,” he remembers someone telling him. “Pathfinder, Embracer, Defender, and Watcher of overnight travelers.”

With the help of his friend, Jean-Paul Duchampe, and a mysterious woman named Marlene, he fights against the madness. But what if the madness is inside him?


“And in his most violent moments, Khonshu’s vengeful secret aspect, the One Who Lives in Hearts, the Knight of the Moon.”

Marc Spector played by Pedro Pascal.

Jean-Paul Duchamp played by J. B. Blanc.

Marlene Alraune played by Meiling Melançon.

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