Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Welcome back to Hypothetical TV, the only television station to air shows that don’t exist. We took a look at Moon Knight and Secret Six, so let’s take a look at something a bit different. Here’s a comic that was turned into one of those quirky person-teams-up-with-straitlaced detective shows. But it’s perhaps not the story you expected.


Detective Peter Sexton didn’t expect to be investigating a murder on his day off, but that’s when he meets Didi. Unexpectedly, she’s not only a witness to the murder, but she wants to eagerly help Sexton any way she can. Even more unexpectedly, she claims to be the anthropomorphic personification of Death itself, acting as human for one day every one hundred years.

Sexton wants to lock her in the loony bin, but she does appear to have vital information. And she’s relatively harmless. But there’s something about her that Sexton can’t put his finger on. Plus, there’s an old homeless woman following her, the one named Mad Hettie. But perhaps with her help, Sexton can finally stop the killer known as the Eremite.


But if Didi really is the personification of Death, today’s going to be a busy day.

“Do you have any special powers?” Sexton asked.

“Sure,” Didi said.

“Like what?”

“I can breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. That’s pretty special, isn’t it? I didn’t used to be able to do that.”

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