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So HBO is trying to make a Watchmen series. While interesting, it’s still a mini-series that was only twelve issues long, so I’m really not sure how long they can stretch it, especially since they appear to want it to replace the incredibly long Game of Thrones. However, they seem to have skipped over the very logical comic that could go on for a long time and is very much in a type of epic urban fantasy that could work really well, especially with the success of American Gods. Yes, that’s right: The Sandman.


In my mind, Morpheus would be played by Dev Patel. Besides looking very much like the character (aside from not being albino), he has shown his excellent acting chops in Lion and won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor.

Other actors would include Meghan Ory as Rose Walker, Stephen Fry as Gilbert, Tony Curran as the Corinthian, and Yasmin Paige as Death.

Episode Guide

#101 “In Dreams Begins”

In 1917, the magician Roderick Burgess attempted to gain immortality by summoning Death, but instead summoned something else. A hundred years later, Rose Walker moves into the boarding house that used to be Burgess’s mansion and begins investigating the disappearance of her brother. But she will soon find herself a part of something much larger — something Endless.


#102 “The Sleep of Reason”

Morpheus begins his reclamation of what was lost as he meets with Mad Hettie, a witch, just as Rose starts on her quest to find her brother with the help of Gilbert, an amateur actor, but both find themselves with problems.


#103 “A Hope in Hell”

Morpheus and Rose get closer to their goals, but encounter obstacles: Morpheus finds himself needing to go to Hell itself to regain his helm, while Rose and Gilbert find the house of Jed’s adopted family...but everybody inside is dead.


#104 “Passengers”

We see what happened with Jed and his adopted family as they meet the Corinthian. Meanwhile, Morpheus loses himself as his ruby is taken by John Dee, a man twisted and tormented by his dreams. By the end, the Corinthian has taken a passenger and Dee has become one.


#105 “Men of Good Fortune”

An interlude as the story of Hob Gadling, who made a bet that he would never die and so becomes one of the very few friends of Morpheus as they meet once a century.


#106 “Collectors”

As Rose and Gilbert get closer, they find themselves trapped in the Corinthian’s game and Morpheus finds himself face to face with John Dee again.


#107 “The Doll’s House”

Dee is defeated when he destroys the ruby and Morpheus puts him back in the asylum he came from just as Rose finally finds her brother and confronts the Corinthian.


#108 “Lonely Hearts”

The connection between Morpheus and Rose is explained. Mysteries are solved and a lost dream is found.


#109 “The Sound of Her Wings”

Morpheus meets with his sister, Death, as she goes about her day.

#110 “Preludes and Nocturnes”

Rose wakes up to a new day and talks with her brother. Dream has a meeting with the rest of the Endless and makes a declaration.

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