UPDATE: You all have been fantastic, absolutely fantastic with some truly great questions. It’s been fun, but I’m done for the day. For those that didn’t get a chance to ask something earlier, go ahead an ask anyways and I’ll try to get to them tomorrow.

Well, if I’m going to go an AMA about being an Alaskan Native and living in Alaska I’d better start this off with a little background:

Cama’i, gui atqa Aderyn. Hello, my name is Aderyn.

My maternal grandfather is a Sugpiatt Alutiit from Kal’ut* (which is now called Karluk), and my maternal grandmother is a Gwich’n Athabaskan from Gwichyaa Zheh* (which is now called Fort Yukon). Which means I know a lot about these two peoples, and a little bit of the other Alaskan Native cultures as well.

Whether or not I’m an Eskimo is a complicated question. While in Canada the term is seen as offensive, in Alaska it isn’t. However, the term is not universal to all Alaska Native Peoples. Eskimo is a branch of peoples that are related and share a similar language. In this case, the Alutiiq, Yup’ik, Sirenikski, Chup’ik and Inupiaq peoples (seen below in shades of blue). So yes, part of me is Eskimo.


I have lived in:

  • Larsen Bay: Where the population was 400+ in the summers and 79 the rest of the year**
  • Kodiak: Where the largest USCG Base is and home of the big game (Bears, Fish, etc)
  • Anchorage: Where everyone thinks of since it’s our only real city
  • Valdez: Where the pipeline ends and where the snowboarders love
  • Sitka: Where I attended the State run boarding school Mt Edgecumbe High School where 94% of the student body was Alaska Native (which is why I know quite a bit about the other cultures).


I hope that wasn’t too much info, but I wanted to ensure everyone had a good starting place for asking quality questions.

I’ve been debating on opening this up to questions pertaining to Personal Training as well, as I’ve been a PT for 3ish years now, however, I cannot give specific exercise/dietary advice since I won’t know enough about the person asking to give good advice. So I’ll take questions about it, but if you ask me for something like “What advice would you give to someone who is starting to exercise?” expect a pretty generic/vague answer.


*They haven’t been called this since before I was born, this was me being a bit of a show off to make it more interesting.

** When the salmon season starts and the cannery opens

So go ahead, ask me anything.