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Bit of shameless self promotion via the O'Deck here but, after some severe delays (medical blaaaah) I have finally launched my illustration portfolio!

I am a drawer of flat things and maker of 3D things, for example...


I also have a bit of an obsession with toys and games and the way they work (which is why I'm making this post on a Tuesday, that being the official O'deck games talk day).

I know this is a hub of creative persons so if you're a maker of art go ahead and share in the comments, or if you have any questions, suggestions or thoughts about my work ask away.

(Any questions about illustration in general I do still have my old AMA open from the other year)


My pro portfolio site is here: http://acgodliman.co.uk

But I keep the old Tumblr going for little ideas or works in progress: http://acgodliman.tumblr.com


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