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But I would assume, if you are trying to appeal to groups of people who aren't very fond of you, who often feel they are marginalized by your policies, and don't trust that you care anything about their needs, you may want to find representatives for them in your ad campaigns who are not just random people in stock photos.


I love the clueless copy that accompanies the video on the "Republicans are People Too" website.

It isn't easy being a Republican these days.

There are people who will stick up for Genghis Khan before they'll defend a Republican. ("Genghis was just misunderstood.")

We love political discourse. We encourage political discourse. But when did "Republican" become a dirty word?

Here's the deal: before you post another bullying comment, think about this:

Republicans are people, too.

Republicans are indeed people. There are Republicans who are absolutely wonderful people and who aren't the rabid anti-science, anti-woman, anti-common sense, lunatics looking to drive the government off a goddamn cliff every time you turn around or drown it in the bathtub. But those moderate Republicans are not the voice of the party anymore. They've been driven out by far right extremists who seem bent on destroying their brand daily. The jackholes who came up with this campaign appear completely oblivious to the reasons why "Republican "has become a dirty word. Instead of taking responsibility for their Tea Party insanity and long history of social disfranchisement they shift the blame onto those of us who criticize the madhouse the GOP has become as "bullies". The message seems to be, "The next time you criticize us for something awful we do, for our batshit ideologies and FOX News and all that, remember, we are people too and that hurts our feelings."

Maybe a better thing to do instead, when trying to appear as if you are a big tent party welcoming diversity and shifting to a warmer, more humanistic world view, is to have your policies actually reflect this, or at the very least find real people to put in your ads who can bolster the image you are trying to present. Otherwise it looks kinda fake. Like you don't really mean it. Like maybe you are feigning diversity because you really have very little.

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